Feeling the Cold!


It’s a horrible feeling when in the depths of winter you turn on your central heating and find half an hour later your still cold. You check all your radiators and find they’re all cold. So you put on a coat and start to look for a plumber. Well with PD Bird you can be sure of receiving a quick response whether it’s in the middle of the day, before you leave for work or in the evening when you get home followed by a quick diagnosis of the problem and if an onsite repair is not possible then the quick sourcing of parts so that you can get your radiators nice and warm again.

One of the problems with Central Heating systems is getting them started up again after they have laid dormant all Summer. Quite often its issues with the pump but there are also many other things to consider such as a faulty zone valve/mid position valve, maybe a room thermostat or programmer issue? But no matter what the problem is you can rest assured that PD Bird will be able to identify it quickly and give you the correct advise on how to deal with it and it doesn’t always have to end up in the replacement of expensive parts either. Sometimes a small adjustment or starting things up in a different way can be all that’s needed along with some good advise on how to keep things running smoothly in the future.