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All makes of boilers covered – Potterton, Ideal, Glow Worm, Worcester, Saunier, Duval, Vokèra, Vaillant, Baxi, Ocean and Simi to name a few.

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Make PD Bird your first choice for a boiler service and gas fire service in Heacham, Hunstanton and the surrounding areas.


Never underestimate the need for a Boiler Service


Getting a boiler service or gas fire service is one of the things that people tend to forget about, put to the back of their mind knowing that it needs doing but never seem to book an appointment to get this, what could be crucial life saving maintenance work done. This shouldn’t be the case as regular maintenance is essential to keep your boiler and gas fire in good working order to prevent CO poisoning and is highly recommended by all manufacturers for continued safety of their appliance.


“Why do I need a Service?”


The reasons it’s important to have an annual boiler service for are to, check your boiler gas pressures are correct and your not throwing money away by having them set too high, carrying out a gas tightness test to check for gas leaks which can be tiny and if in well ventilated areas are sometimes not detected until this test is carried out, checking the boilers case seals are intact and inspecting the flue for signs of deterioration or poor installation so that no poisonous gases can escape into your home, checking for signs of parts starting to go wrong or leaks starting to appear and stopping them before they cause you much more expense further down the line, and possibly one of the most important of all is to analyse the flue gases to make sure there are no dangerous levels of the invisible, odorless and tasteless killer carbon monoxide.

If you have a gas fire an annual service is very important to prevent carbon monoxide building up.  A number of things can contribute to carbon monoxide being present: such as insufficient oxygen due to lack of or no ventilation, debris on the burner, partially blocked chimney etc. There are some tell tale signs identifying that some of these may be the case such as soot build up or staining on or near to the appliance. Don’t take your chances book a gas fire service today.

You may think that you don’t need a boiler service if you have had a new boiler installed. However if you wish to keep up the free labour and parts warranty on the boiler you will need it serviced every year and have written confirmation of this or the manufacturer will no longer cover your boiler.


Don’t delay call today


To stop wasting money and taking chances with your health it’s important you call PD Bird to get a gas fire service and boiler service as soon as you can.



All Aspects of Plumbing and Heating

As a Gas Safe Register and OFTEC plumber I cover all aspects of heating and plumbing installations and maintenance.

  • Taps, Toilets, Tanks
  • Leak, Burst pipes
  • Ball Valves, Sinks
  • Immersion Tanks
  • Cylinders, Pumps
  • Showers, Waste Disposal Units
  • Unvented Hot and Cold Water Systems